1. The apartment is rented for days.
  2. The Guest may occupy the apartment from 4 p.m on the day of their arrival to 12 a.m. on the day of the departure.
  3. The requests to extend the stay over the declared during the check – in period, shall be placed in advance. They will be accepted if possible. The extension of stay may be the subject of additional charge.
  4. The exact time of the arrival to the apartment shall be confirmed by the Guest via phone or email one day with one day of the advance..
  5. An identity document is required for check-in. In case the document raises doubts as to its validity, the person designed to the contact with the Guest might ask for another document confirming the identity of the person that is being checked in.
  6. Boski Zakątek holds the right to deny checking-in the Guest, without the refund of the accommodation fees, who
  • does not have an ID or does not want to present it
  • is under the influence of alcohol or other drugs
  • is abusive and vulgar towards the members of the staff
  • uses criminal harassment or any other form of blackmail
  • declines to pay the accommodation fees or any other charges
  • declines to allow to pre-authorise their card
  1. The Guest on the day of check in should report all the deficiencies and faults in the apartment.
  2. Failure to notify any comments (in writing: sms, email, etc.) on the technical status of the apartment, on the check in day, means that the apartment has been handed over without any defects.
  3. The Guest is fully responsible for any damages in the apartment and in the other parts of the property, that are not a result of the normal use of the apartment and are caused by the Guest or other occupants of the apartment
  4. Failure of the towels that is nor a result of normal wear and tear Is a subject to extra charge of 40PLN a piece.
  5. The Guest is obliged to redress any of the damage done to Boski Zakątek or third parties, in the apartment as well as in the other parts of the property, that is a result of any actions taken by the Guest or other persons that the Guest is responsible for. 12. The Guest is obliged to inform Boski Zakątek or a person authorised about any damage that they are responsible for.
  6. Boski Zakątek olds the right to charge Guest’s card with the value of the suffered damage.
  7. The apartment staff may enter the apartment without Guest’s permission, if they notice any danger to the safety of people or estate, the breach of these regulations by the Guest, or in case they suspect they behavior that might lead to significant deterioration of the apartments state, or other situations contrary to the rules of the social conduct. Boski Zakątek holds the right to evict the Guest form the rented apartment in abovementioned situations.
  8. The number of guests staying in the apartment is limited to the one stated in the contract. If the number of Guests staying in the apartment turns out to be bigger than the one given during the reservation process, the Guest is obliged to pay the additional charge of 200 PLN/per day/per person. In case of exceeding the maximum number of persons staying in the apartment, Boski Zakątek holds the right to deny the key handoff.
  9. Smoking of cigarettes, tobacco products and other substances in the apartment is not allowed. In case of sensing the odor of abovementioned, Boski Zakątek shall charge the Guest with 500 PLN fee for odor removal
  10. In the Boski Zakątek , silence is obligatory from 22.00 to 6.00 the next day.
  11. The Guest is obliged to follow the rules of good behaviour, keep the staircases and the building clean, and keeping the apartment in a good state.
  12. If the Boski Zakątek representative, Police or Municipal Police are summoned to the apartment due to the Guest’s disorderly conduct, Boski Zakątek holds the right to immediately terminate the contract and charge the guest with 1000 PLN fee.
  13. On the day of departure, the Guest is obliged to provide the rented room in order to check its condition.
  14. The Guest is fully responsible for the keys and remotes entrusted to them. Losing any of them will result in 100 PLN each piece.
  15. Early departure of the Guest of circumstances for which Boski Zakątek is not responsible, does not entitle the Guest to refund of the unused time.
  16. Provisions of the Polish Civil Law shall apply to the questions unregulated in this agreement. The court competent to resolve any disputes is the court competent for Małgorzata Boska Boski Z.

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