Welcome to Boski Zakątek

Boski Zakątek I perfect for business guests, individual tourists and people looking for an excellent getaway.

You would like to spend a night close to Balice airport, which would let you rest before the journey or to get a break after arrival –come by Boski Zakątek.

Feel the magic of an exceptional accommodation, any time of the year.

Why Boski Zakątek?

We always reply – so it is a bit different, unique and cosy. To stand out of loads of identical offers.

To provide relax and recreation different than in an impersonal hotel.

Who designed the decor?

We – the owners – did it on our own 😊 Creation of the furnishing was outsourced to Polish artisans – beds and wardrobes among other.

How is life in Boski Zakątek?

Slower, more calm, healthier. In Winter with the snow that creaking with etery footsep, in Summer with flowers blooming on the meadow. In Spring with birds in the garden and in Autumn with beautiful colors.

In our rooms you can rest from the hardships of everyday life and regenerate your strength.

Boski Zakątek is located in the buffer zone of Ojcowski Park Narodowy, in Wielka Wieś, near route 94 Kraków-Olkusz, close to Dolina Prądnika and Dolina Kluczwody.

From its windows you can see surrounding fields, forests and breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. This place is our anchor, joy and rest. There is no urban buzz here, and more often than a car, you can spot cows grazing on the paddocks, chickens clucking, geese squawking, roes coming by to rummage the fields, and pheasants and hares in the brushes.

You can spend a lovely weekend or a wonderful family vacation in our area. You can also use the option of park and fly. There are many trails, cycle paths, beautiful Jura valleys, many caves in Park Ojcowski.

Our facility is situated far from the road, and the trees form a natural barrier. Boski Zakątek is surrounded by greenery. We are convinced that, by choosing our offer, you opt for the accommodation in one of the best near-Cracow locations.

It is a great starting point for exploring Kraków, Ojców, Wieliczka, Bochnia, Wadowice and even Zakopane.

Tourists can plan visiting the nearest Ojców – 3 km (Jurrasic rocks, wonderful Prądnik valley, caves), Pieskowa Skała – 8km (castle, Maczuga Herkulesa), Kraków, which is 10km away, Pustynia Błędowska, Ogrodzieniec, burgstalls and Jurassic outliers, Wieliczka, Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, Lanckorona and other jewels of Małopolska region.

The offer

Boski Zakątek offers 10 comfortable beds in 5 rooms. In our rooms you will take a break from your day-to-day life and regenerate.

We offer individual reservations – one room, and group reservations for all rooms available in the house, for companies and private persons.

Room decor is inspired by the boutiqe style. Each one is painted in a different coulor, with high attention to details. One of the rooms is equipped with a kitchenette. Comfortable double beds with headboards, anti-allergic materials will provide some great rest. Bathrooms are equipped with towels, dressing-gowns, hair dryers and original eco-cosmetics.

In each rooms you will find: a TV, a coffee and tea making set,  air conditioning and a mini-bar. We also provide an access to free Wi-Fi.

Spacious, fully equipped rooms with modern decor, create perfect conditions for comfortable relaxation and work.

The tiniest details were polished with particular precision, so that your stay could be Speer enjoyment.

Reservation additionally includes breakfasts served at the individually agreed time.

Check-in and check-out

Arrival from 4 pm   Departure to 12 pm

Pet policy. Pets are welcome.

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